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|TOP| Creus, Carlos Derecho Penal Parte Especial Tomo II

Creus, Carlos Derecho Penal Parte Especial Tomo II

Creus, Carlos Derecho Penal Parte Especial Tomo II

Serie Derecho Penal Especial, Tomo II, García Fuentes, Carlos (1994-2004), Creus y Boumpadre. 2 vols. Caso Litigio : Caso litigio, tomo 2. creus y boumpadre Creus, Carlos Derecho Penal. Derecho Criminal. Parte Especial. Creus y Boumpadre. Segunda edición en once tomos. Santa Fe: Rubinzal, Bdg. Segunda Edición, 1995. Diunggah oleh: Informasi Dokumen Bagikan dokumen Ini Opsi Berbagi Deskripsi: Hak Cipta: Format . References Category:1924 births Category:2004 deaths Category:20th-century philosophers Category:People from Misiones Province Category:Argentine people of Swiss descent Category:Argentine people of Spanish descent Category:Argentine lawyers Category:Argentine male writers Category:Male essayists Category:20th-century essayists Category:20th-century male writers[The use of potassium nitrate in ophthalmology]. The paper presents the results of studies of the physical and pharmacological properties of potassium nitrate and its use in ophthalmology. At present potassium nitrate is widely used in ophthalmology for treatment of oedema and inflammation of the eye. Experimental and clinical studies suggest that potassium nitrate enhances the blood flow to the eyes and decreases the level of hydroxy-radical. Potassium nitrate is a component of so-called antihypoxic complex as an all-around strengthening agent. One of the most important action of potassium nitrate is a creation of an osmotic gradient between the blood and the aqueous humor, which promotes the drainage of water out of the eye. Potassium nitrate was found to be effective in the treatment of altitude sickness. The study of the use of potassium nitrate in ophthalmology was carried out in special conditions. The causes of the oedema of the eye include hormonal and immune abnormalities. Oedema of the eye is a side effect of many drugs. Potassium nitrate does not have the side effects that are so frequently encountered with antihypoxic drugs. Some beneficial therapeutic effects of potassium nitrate have also been noted. They

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|TOP| Creus, Carlos Derecho Penal Parte Especial Tomo II

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